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Robert “Fly” Navarro is back with Tyler Beckford of Teaser Bait Company to show you how to prepare ballyhoo for rigging and trolling (Ballyhoo Preparation Video).  Once you have thawed the bait, these simple steps will prepare your ballyhoo to be rigged in a wide variety of ways.

ballyhoo preparation -Ballyhoo Preparation Video

These simple steps will make your ballyhoo run truer and last longer.

Fly Zone fishing

Fly Navarro will take us to the “Fly Zone” with his vast knowledge and list of fishing connections.  Visit his Fly Zone Fishing site or Facebook to learn more or to ask Fly a question.

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Robert "Fly" Navarro
Known by most on the docks as “Fly,” you can pretty much expect to see Robert "Fly" Navarro at the sport's largest tournaments and hot spots. Fly began the life of a traveling deckhand in his early 20's. He took a childhood passion and turned it into a career that took him around the world work...