Head To The Fishing Grounds – Coffee That Is

Most early morning risers agree, that a cup of coffee is an essential part of starting the day.

That makes coffee drinking go hand in hand with getting up early to go fishing.  Christian Calvert loves fishing and coffee, but it wasn’t until he bought a boat and started offshore fishing out of Oceanside, California, that these two interests merged into his big idea.

“It actually started as a quick internet search one day.  I had no idea how one roasted coffee beans,” said Christian.  “I looked it up and followed down the rabbit hole of home roasting.  I decided to try it and set up a home roaster in our garage.  I must say, that even as a beginner, the coffee tasted pretty dang good.  From there my hobby evolved and we experimented with different roasts and beans.  Of course, it went hand in hand with our fishing, to start the day of fishing with really great tasting coffee seemed to heighten the experience!

Over time, Christian was evolving his techniques and sharing his coffee with friends and family who raved about the quality and flavor of his fresh roasted coffee.  He and some of his fishing buddies decided that they should take the plunge and start a small coffee company, but they needed a niche in an already saturated market.

After much deliberation, Fishing Grounds Coffee Company was formed.

“We started out by offering our coffee at any local fishing seminars, rod building gatherings, and fishing tournaments that would have us.  The word of mouth grew from there, and while most of our business is from online sales, the local component of friends and fishermen is where it all started,” said Christian.

The first two roasts that they developed where Dorado and Bluefin.

Dorado is described as a medium/dark roast of beans from Peru. It is organic and offers a raw sugar sweetness with silky chocolate tones and medium acidity.

Bluefin roast is a darker for those who like a natural raw sugar sweetness, dark chocolate tones, and low acidity.  Bluefin is a perfect blend of high-quality beans from Africa, Indonesia, and Central and South America.  Roasted to a dark profile and offering a smooth but intense brew.

Now Fishing Grounds has just introduced two brand new roasts, Wahoo and Largemouth.

Wahoo fishing is one of a kind. Line peels faster than you have ever seen it, razor-sharp teeth saw through everything but a steel leader, and long fights often end up with broken hearts. It’s why we named this beautiful coffee from Bali the Wahoo Roast.

A single-origin, medium-roasted coffee, The Wahoo roast comes in hot with a toasted caramel sweetness and mild bittersweet backdrop and finishes off with a heavy chocolate body. Guaranteed to get the blood pumping!

“Largemouth Bass are obviously one of the most exciting freshwater fish to catch in North America. We decided it was the perfect fish for this complex but easy-drinking coffee”, said Fishing Grounds. “Our Largemouth Roast is a specialty single-origin coffee from Brazil that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It’s a smooth and subtle medium roast, medium-bodied with hints of cocoa & honey and a silky finish that you can drink all day.”

“What’s been most satisfying is the fact that we’ve done this all on our own.  Every aspect of coming up with the product, marketing,  and photography,” summarized Christian.  “But we are not trying to be “fancy coffee people”, just the working man’s coffee and beloved by fishermen and everyday coffee drinkers.  Anyone can appreciate good coffee; it’s all about the taste.”

So, if you love fishing and coffee as much as we do at BD, give the Fishing Grounds brew a try.  You will begin to wonder if you are waking up early for the coffee or the bite.  The good news is, you get to love both!

Check out the Fishing Grounds Coffee Company website for more information.

Home Page: https://www.fishinggroundscoffee.com/

Coffee Collection Page: https://www.fishinggroundscoffee.com/collections/coffee

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fishing-Grounds-Coffee-Company-271706670073114/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fishinggroundscoffee/