Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop – Costa Shop Talk

costa tackle ShopOur next stop on the Costa Shop Talk tour takes us to Florida to the Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop.

Harry Goode's Outdoor Shop

BD:Where is your shop located?

Harry Goode’s:We are located in downtown Melbourne right next to the Indian River Lagoon.  Our address is 1231 E New Haven Ave. Melbourne, Fl. 32901

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BD:When did the shop open?

Harry Goode’s:My family opened the shop in May of 1946.

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BD:What would you like to share about the history of your business and how the shop has evolved?

Harry Goode’s:Harry Goode’s is one of the oldest family-run fishing businesses in the state of Florida.  We use to sell guns, archery, camping, bikes and fishing tackle. That was the original outdoor premis of Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop. We’ve evolved into more of a fishing tackle store over the years.

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BD:What types of fishing and outdoor activities do you focus on?

Harry Goode’s:Our focus is primarily saltwater inshore/nearshore including a large selection of gear for the fly angler.

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BD:Where do you see it going in future?

Harry Goode’s:After being the third generation and serving East Coast for over 70-years, the continuation of a family run business is uncertain. I would love to see the shop continue beyond my time, but my children are not interested in the fishing business and I respect and support their decission. They love to fish but are not interested in carrying the torch.

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BD:Do you see more or less anglers participating in the sport?

Harry Goode’s:That’s tough to say, because I would say less on the general tackle side but that may be attributed to the big box stores and online purchasing. I see more interest and people coming in on the fly fishing side and that is becoming the growth sector of our business.

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BD:Do you sell saltwater, freshwater tackle or both?

Harry Goode’s:Mainly saltwater tackle with a bit of offshore but on the fly end, we sell freshwater poppers and coldwater trout flies.

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BD:What other services do you offer in addition to your retail products?

Harry Goode’s:We offer a wide veriety of line spooling, including cutom rigging for inshore, offshore and fly fishing. We also offer fly tying classes for both novice and advanced anglers.  We have frequent seminars by reputable and local captians in the industry. There are a number of community outreach events that we attend including the county wide, Trash Bash.

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BD:What unusual item sells the most?

Harry Goode’s:We have a mens cologne that we’ve sold for over 20 years and it sells really well. You can find it right next to the register.

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BD:Do you sell bait?

Harry Goode’s:We sell frozen bait only; shrimp, squid, mullet and a variety of rigged and unrigged ballyhoo.

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BD:How does the weather affect your shop?

Harry Goode’s:Normally weather has minimal impact, but Hurricane Matthew greatly effected our business for a month and a half.

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BD:What is the craziest thing that has ever happened in the shop?

Harry Goode’s:When we sold bikes, a little kid pulled his pants down in the shop and peed on the floor.

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BD:What is your prediction for next year’s fishing season?

Harry Goode’s:We are looking forward to seeing what our new President will do for small businesses. We are also looking forward to seeing results of the ½-cent sales tax that was implemented for the restoration of the Indian River Lagoon. A healthy waterway will improve the businesse’s bottom line.

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BD:Is there anything else you would like the BD audience to know about your shop?

Harry Goode’s:We appreciate the opportunity BD Outdoors and Costa has given us with this interview and we look forward to servicing old and new customers in the future.

Our thanks to the crew at Harry Goode’s!  Check out their website for more info, seminar schedules and fly tying classes.