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Guatemala Fishing @ Casa Vieja Lodge

Editor’s Note: A few words from our friends at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala.

casa viejaWe told you to tell ONLY your best friends about Casa Vieja Lodge, but apparently you all have quite a few of those, as the word is out and the Lodge is full! As you know, we try our hardest to accommodate your ideal travel dates and boats, but we are now booking up a year in advance! If you have specific dates and a requested boat we recommend booking ASAP in order to reserve your spots. Reservations are first come, first serve and it is YOUR responsibility to give us a call and get on the books for 2019 and beyond.

We still have availability in October, November, December, April, May, and June BUT they are filling up fast. Not sure which month to pick? The sailfishing in Guatemala is great year-round, and depending on what other species you are looking to catch we can narrow down the dates a little better. You can check out our seasons and species on our website HERE. Give us a call TODAY (or Yesterday, if possible) to reserve your upcoming trip and remember, tell ONLY your best friends about Casa Vieja Lodge!

Holiday Bliss

casa viejaIn an ideal world, holidays would be easy, clean, relaxing, and fun. Oh wait, that’s how they are at Casa Vieja Lodge! It’s time to take the stress out of the Holidays and bring back the laughter (+ great fishing). There is no better way to spend quality time with your family and friends than a fishing vacation. At Casa Vieja everything is taken care of from the moment you exit the airport, until we unfortunately drop you back off at the airport.

Thanksgiving at the Lodge is spent with a day of fishing averaging 12-15 sailfish raises per day, per boat. Once your arms are sore from all of the fishing you are greeted back at the lodge with a delicious cocktail followed by a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Imagine… no cooking or cleaning just simply enjoying your holiday with your friends and family.

2019 New Year’s Eve? We’ve got you covered! Ring in the New Year under the Guatemalan stars and fireworks! We throw a New Year’s Eve party fun for all ages. Looking for a New Year’s resolution? We recommend more family time and fishing!

Full Moon, New Moon, No Importa

casa viejaMyth Busters: Casa Vieja Lodge Edition

Do the moon phases REALLY affect the Guatemalan Fishing? We decided to find out for ourselves. We have numerous anglers who prefer one moon phase over the other, it’s time to find out the hard numbers behind it. Luckily, we post our daily fishing reports, good and bad, so we have a  database going back to 2015. We took a look at the numbers for the full moons and new moons going back 3 years.

  • 3 day average before Full Moon: 27 raises per boat, per day
  • Average on Full Moon: 25 raises per boat, per day
  • 3 day average after Full Moon: 24 raises per boat, per day
  • Average on New Moon: 20 raises per boat, per day

Myth BUSTED. The moon phases in Guatemala do not affect the fishing and we stand by our word that the fishing is great year-round. The 2 strong eddy currents keep the bait moving in a circle fashion off-shore. These currents keep our sailfish happy and hungry  in our “fish bowl”, which is not dependent on the moon phases.

Upcoming Events at Casa Vieja Lodge

Fall Solo Anglers Week: November 1-5 SOLD OUT
2018 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout: Nov. 8-10
Thanksgiving Feast & Fishing: Nov 21- 25
Spring Solo Anglers Week: May 29-June 1

Visit the Casa Vieja Lodge website for more information about their world class fishing!