Go Big or Go Home: Southern California Big Bluefin Fishing

We invited PENN employee & bass fishing enthusiast Emil Wagner out from Georgia for a day of bluefin fishing San Diego style. The following is what ensued (watch the action above)….

“Do you have much experience offshore fishing?” One of my first icebreaker questions after picking up Emil Wagner from the airport. “Not really. I’ve been amberjack fishing down in Florida but otherwise no other saltwater experience. But I’m super pumped!” That last piece you could feel was sincere and genuinely excited to be on this adventure.

Well as the name implies: Go Big or Go Home and with the only game in town being big bluefin way out at the outer banks (Tanner), a 100 mile run west was going to be Emil’s christening into our offshore tuna program. We made the 3+ hour steam offshore, it was time to put our money where our mouths’ were and get Emil on his first (& consequently second) Southern California Pacific bluefin tunas! Mission accomplished and as we joked that day, “Sorry to ruin bass fishing for you!”.

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