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Ever dream of going to Alaska to catch a halibut? I have and I can’t wait to go back. But now the public’s access to halibut fishing is on the chopping block of closure or severe reduction, meanwhile in the halibut nursery grounds of the Bearing Sea, the trawl fleet is killing the lion’s share of juvenile halibut and discarding them as they catch low quality fish for fish sticks.

It is reported that 13 out of 14 halibut caught in the Bearing Sea will be discarded as trawler bycatch.

Halibut FishingWhat can we do? Let your voice be heard. The comment period is on and now is the time to write and let your the council know that you want this gross waste to be reduced and a little common sense applied.

We need the voice of the recreational community to unite as you know the commercial interests are spending money and spreading miss-information to the non-fishing public, saying they are out to save the fish stick!

Halibut Fishing

As a member of the NPFMC Charter Halibut Management Implementation Commitee, Steve Zernia said,

“Your recreational representative on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council needs to here from recreational fishermen about how they feel about halibut bycatch”


Submit comments to:

[email protected]

Your letter might look something like this (please say whatever you feel like but if you need guidance, you can follow the outline below):

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Attention: Dan Hull, Chairman

RE: C2 – Bering Sea Halibut PSC Final action

My name is _________________________, I live _________________________ and I fish ( recreationally) in Alaska for halibut.

I as a recreational fisherman and I am very concerned about the high level of by catch of Halibut in the Bering Sea as described in your Final action item C2 – Bering Sea Halibut PSC.

We know that the Bering Sea has a huge population of juvenile halibut and that those halibut migrate from the Bering Sea to other areas throughout the range of the pacific halibut. Right now the trawl bycatch is preventing millions of halibut from leaving the Bering Sea and repopulating other areas.
This practice must be curtailed immediately or rural communities will suffer and the future of halibut fishing all over the Pacific will continue to be threatened. These are unacceptable risks to most of the users of this iconic resource in order to the benefit of a small number of trawl vessel owners and crews. It is one thing to ask all users to conserve a resource, but it is quite another to ask most users to sacrifice and conserve the resource to benefit of a specific group of large factory trawlers. That is what is happening and it is not fair or equitable. Bycatch not only needs to be reduced and then linked to abundance, so all users can share in the sacrifice and in the benefits of a healthy resource.

Please show Alaskans you care about the communities and the halibut resource and take significant action to reduce Bering Sea bycatch of halibut to a level that provides opportunity for the rest of us and protects the millions of juvenile halibut from being caught and discarded.


Your name here

You can copy and paste this into email and help fight this needless waste of millions of halibut.

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