The Ultimate Surf Class

Fly Zone Surf Fishing Class

Want to take your fly-fishing skills to the next level? Then you need to attend “The Fly Zone” surf series with Al Quattrocchi and Jim Solomon. These two seasoned anglers will walk you through all the techniques and secrets to becoming more proficient in the California surf. “The Fly Zone” will be a two day boot camp clinic – The first day will be in the classroom refining your tackle, learning about productive fly patterns, how to read the water for structure and current and then to the neighboring park to improve your shooting head casting skills for distance, safety and accuracy. The second day will be an early morning rendezvous to the beach to apply what you learned in the classroom. Their objective is to teach you how to catch more fish, efficiently and with less aggravation. Don’t miss this opportunity – let Al and Jim put you In “The Fly Zone”.

Fly Zone Surf Fishing Class

Al Quattrocchi has spent most of his life fishing the surf with spinning and fly gear. He started the One Surf Fly about 6 years ago to engage many newcomers to the joys of fly-fishing the surf and to promote and support our local fishery and fly shops. Al also teamed up with mako master, Conway Bowman to co-host the Carp Throwdown in San Diego each June. Al prides himself as a profession fly tier for Umpqua. He lectures and teaches at local fly clubs and shops on local species and loves to shoot photos, video and write an article or two for some of our popular saltwater fly fishing magazines. Al’s favorite California surf fish is the corbina!

Jim Solomon is a FFF MCI casting instructor, OSF team member and a long time member of the Wilderness Fly-fishing club. Jim and Al along with many of their fishing buddies pull together the Double Haul Ball each year in Long Beach. When Jim is not fishing in Montana or the Sierras he spends many days on our local beaches. Jim has caught many exotic species in our local surf, including spot fin croaker, striped bass, sargo, corbina and white sea bass. If you asked Jim he would probably consider himself a corbina junkie!

The classes will be held August 31st and September 1st. Call for reservations 818-785-7306