Fly Navarro’s Best Catch 2020 – The Year’s Top Fishing Tournaments

Fly Navarro is an iconic friendly-face in so many fishing circles that he is hard to keep up with.  Running tournaments, fishing tournaments, making very educational, yet fun to watch videos, inspiring and guiding youth anglers, and so much more.

Fly is excited to give publishing a try and Best Catch 2020 hits it out of the park.  If you want to immerse yourself in fishing culture, great stories, and incredible fishing events, then get a copy of Best Catch 2020.  There’s plenty to read about a wide variety of fishing tournaments that take place each year in fishing’s hottest destinations.  Best Catch 2020 covers offshore, inshore, and freshwater tournaments throughout the entire North American continent.

Relive the action. Recall the friendships. Vicariously relocate yourself to all the tournaments you missed this year through stunning photography, fascinating stories, and spotlights on some of the best competitors in fishing.

Fly Navarro

“I’m passionate about promoting the sport. But I’m also curious. I can’t host or attend every single tournament. There are still places I want to see, people I want to meet, and fish I want to catch. Together, these three things made me wonder if there’s a way we all could share our fish stories together.” – Captain Robert “Fly” Navarro

The book features original commissioned artwork from acclaimed marine artist Carey Chen, stories from champions in the industry, and photos of iconic places, catches, and cultures. This hefty, premiere-quality coffee table yearbook is a work of art in itself—an heirloom for those who competed, a goal for those who dream to compete, and a centerpiece of discussion for anyone who sees it.

Best Catch 2020 Features

  • The 60 BEST CATCH 2020 tournament inductees
  • Tournament industry highlights of 2020
  • Sponsor stories from industry leaders about their love of the sport
  • Tournament stories spotlighting the most celebrated competitions in North and South America
  • Brilliant artwork and photography of the best events
  • 60 top-qualifying fishing tournaments
  • Tournament history and 2020 highlights
  • Rankings, teams, and individual anglers
  • Exclusive profiles on fishing celebrities

Fly Navarro Best Catch“Fostering the future of fishing enthusiasts is why I created BEST CATCH 2020.”

Best Catch 2020 is Captain Robert “Fly” Navarro’s version of the ultimate annual book of fishing tournaments. Yet Fly is an open book himself. You can catch him on Instagram – @flynavarro_ or @flyzonefishing, Facebook – @flynavarro, or on Twitter – @flynavarro. On all of these platforms, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Fly Navarro.