Florida Gulf Anglers Score More Red Snapper Days

Red snapper anglers in Florida’s Gulf waters can look forward to bonus fishing days later this month and into November, so now’s the time to make sure you have the tackle needed for the task.

According to Shimano’s Brian Dufek, an ideal set-up is Shimano’s SpeedMaster 20II conventional reel matched up to Grappler jigging rod.

“The SpeedMaster 20II has maximum drag power and durability from its HAGANE Body to handle big red snappers. Our Grappler rods will help you achieve the needed jigging action – and the fish-fighting control and power from its Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank construction – to entice big fish down deep and bring them to the surface.”

Butterfly jigs catch all kinds of snapper too, like this vermillion snapper.

During the earlier red snapper season, “anglers we’re seeing success using Shimano’s Butterfly Flat-Fall or Flat-Side jigs,” said Dufek, “with jig sizes in the 112-gram to 168-gram range being the ticket.”

Gulf anglers fishing in Florida state and federal waters have 6 bonus red snapper fishing days starting Saturday, October 17, and continuing on October 18, 24, 25, and November 1.

Dufek notes that anglers can find Florida tackle shop locations and Shimano product availability locally through the dealer locator tab on the Shimano website.