Rigging A Basic Snapper Or Bottom Fishing Setup

Capt. Rush Maltz, Co-Host of Local Knowledge and full-time Key West fishing guide offers this quick video demonstration of how he builds a basic bottom fishing rig.

“This rig can be used all over and despite some variations in leader and hook size, is a tried and true bottom fishing rig,” said Capt. Rush.  “I like to use a longer Seaguar fluorocarbon leader if the bottom isn’t too rocky.  I often use fluorocarbon for snapper fishing as they can be wary and our water is very clear.”

Snapper Rig

  • 5/0 Mustad circle hook
  • 40# Seaguar Fluorocarbon
  • Medium size barrel swivel
  • egg sinker (size depends on current and depth)

This rig will catch bottom fish no matter where you fish it!

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