Recommended Offshore Lures – 3 Must Haves By Nomad

Capt. Rush Maltz of Odyssea Key West Sportfishing and Co-Host of the Local Knowledge fishing show is back with his top 3 favorite Nomad lures that he uses for a variety of offshore species and fishing techniques.  Nomad Design Tackle is taking the extensive experience of Nomad’s Damon Olsen who spent many years fishing the Great Barrier Reef for benthic giants and pelagics alike.  He knows what extreme punishment offshore gamefish can dish out and he has created Nomad Design lures to withstand the extremes and trigger the bite.

“The first Nomad lure I want to show you is the vertical jig.  I like the Buffalo and Gypsie jigs from Nomad as they can be fished near the bottom for grouper and snapper or mid-water for amberjack and tuna.  They are very versatile for covering a lot of water quickly,” said Capt. Rush.

“My next go-to lure is the Nomad Madscad!  This bait casts a mile and can be worked subsurface either fast or slow.  It comes in a variety of sizes and mimics the natural motion of a panicked baitfish.  The hooks are super strong and the lure will catch anything,” noted Capt. Rush.

Last, but certainly not least is the DTX Minnow from Nomad.  This deep-diving lure is proving to be a favorite in many fishing hot spots including the wahoo fanatics aboard the long range fleet out of San Diego.  “If you want to put out a couple of lures and just troll, the DTX Minnow is my first choice for tuna, wahoo and more,” said Rush.  “The large lip takes the lure down deep and the tight wiggle entices strikes.  Again, the large inline single hooks are super heavy duty and up to the task of taking down big tuna or wahoo.”

Check out these 3 top lures on the Nomad Design website or explore the many more they have to offer, all proven fish catchers.

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