Incredible Orca Experience @ Crocodile Bay Costa Rica

Incredible Orca Experience Crocodile Bay Costa Rica

No day of fishing at Crocodile Bay Resort is ever run of the mill.  One never knows what wonders will show themselves in one of the world’s most diverse areas.

Its all about the experience!

Costa Rica is often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America. And this little country can boast one of the highest literacy rates on the planet. When it comes to your well-being, it is very easy to keep healthy here; in fact, the World Health Organization praises Costa Rica for actually ranking far better than the U.S or Canada, and is even ranked among the best in the world.

penn reels - Incredible orca experience crocodile bayAnd according to U.S. government statistics, Costa Rica also enjoys Central America’s highest standard of living and the lowest rate of unemployment. Perhaps this is why Costa Rica is ranked the number 1 tourist destination of all the countries in Latin America! And imagine this; as a sign of its prosperity little Costa Rica has two international airports… with a third International Airport on the way. And No other Latin American country has experienced the peaceful history and democratic stability that Costa Rica has.

Incredible orca experience crocodile bay

  • Award Winning Sport Fishing Destination
  • 30 Land and Water Eco-Adventures
  • NEW – Kayak Fishing & Shore Casting
  • Inviting Pool With Swim-Up Bar
  • Nurturing Rainforest Spa
  • Ocean to Table Dining
  • 4 Star, Air-Conditioned Accommodations

Crocodile BayAll the more reason to visit Crocodile Bay Resort for your next fishing and eco-adventure vacation.