How To Tie The FG Knot For Braid To Leader Connections

Captain Jimmy Decker shows the easiest way to tie the FG Knot when connecting spectra to a fluorocarbon leader. This knot is extremely thin and does not have a tag end sticking out allowing you to attach a long leader as the knot will not hang up on the guides when casting. A lot of guys avoid this using this knot because they think it’s impractical to tie on the water but with Decker’s method you can tie the knot in less than a minute even on a rocking boat.

FG Knot

In this video, Decker is connecting 20# fluorocarbon to 20# spectra but the FG knot works just as well with heavier line. Over the last few seasons, we’ve been using it on lines up to 100# spectra to 100# fluorocarbon and have caught fish to 200-pounds on it with no failures. As you can see in the video the knot rigged with 20# line broke at 28-pounds and that was due to the fluorocarbon breaking instead of slipping out as sometimes happens with the Tony Pena or Double Uni knots.

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