Halibut Tips & Techniques – Drop Shot Rig Explained

halibut tipsBD’s Rodney Marquez shares his most productive halibut tips in this straight forward fishing tip video.

He explains the effectiveness of a drop shot technique and explains his halibut theory and how to work the rig for the best presentation.  “Halibut live on or in a sandy bottom and I think a rig that presents the bait in the halibut’s preferred strike zone is the most effective”, says Rodney.  “Don’t forget to move around and cover as much ground as possible when your fishing an area.”

halibut tips

As many anglers do not have access to live bait, Rodney explains his favorite way of catching halibut either from a boat or the shoreline.

Recommended Gear

  • Any Medium to fast action rod with either a baitcast or medium-sized spinning reel
  • Line size using a 2 oz weight should be from 15# to 20#+
  • Line size using a 1 oz wt should be from 8#-12#+
  • Hook : Gamakatsu size 1 straight worm hook

Pair the drop shot with any plastic lure of your choice; such as a white or chartreuse curly tail “grub” or a fluke type plastic.

“I like to use a straight retrieve when I’m using a curly tail grub which creates its own action”, says Rodney.  “But if I’m using a straight fluke type lure, then I use light twitches with my rod tip to bring the fluke bait to life.”

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Mr. Rodney Marquez was born and raised in San Diego. Catching anything from largemouth bass to big game tuna, he loves sharing his knowledge through his videos. He is eager to learn and grow with the BD community and is now the video manager of BDOutdoors.