Fishing Video – The Path Unseen From Saint Archer Brewing

saint archer brewingDuane Mellor owns, runs and lives Pinnacle Sportfishing. Born and raised in Point Loma, Duane is synonymous with the San Diego fishing scene much like Saint Archer Brewery is with San Diego’s beer community.

Duane has become one of the most recognized captain’s in the area due to his personality and his ability to develop and record new fishing techniques.  He also excels in the two most important attributes of fishing; having fun and consistently catching trophy fish.

saint archer brewing

Duane Mellor is a true representation of the brand and speaks directly to the ideas set forth of Work Hard, Drink Beer & Enjoy the Journey.

saint archer brewingThe Saint Archer journey was founded on love of and commitment to craft beer.  The beer’s founders have a commitment to creativity and exploring the road less traveled.

saint archer brewing“From the beginning, we have always believed the craft beer experience happens where art and science meet”, says Saint Archer Brewing. “With that understanding, our company was founded on a unique strain of creative talent.World-class brewers, artists and musicians, professional surfers, fishermen, and snowboarders… All coming together with passion and dedication to express our one true love: great, crafted beer.”

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