Bimini Twist Knot For Mono & Braided Lines

Bimini Twist

Fly Navarro is back with Pete Shultz of Fishing Headquarters and they are demonstrating how to tie the ever-useful Bimini Twist knot to create a double line section in both monofilament line and braided line.  The doubled up section of main line created by the Bimini is then used to tie or attach to various heavier leader sections.  The Bimini Twist is rated as a 100% knot and is very smooth going through the guides which is why it has stood the test of time as a great option for anglers in a huge variety of fisheries.

The Bimini Twist knot is a %100 knot that is smooth through the guides making it a winner!

Bimini Twist
Like all knots, it takes some practice, but this is one worth knowing.

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