Any Fish, Any Water® – South Florida | Ray Rosher

The AFTCO crew points their Any Fish, Any Water® spotlights on South Florida’s Capt. Ray Rosher.  Capt. Ray tells the story of his Everglades childhood and how the ocean ended up calling to him at a young age.

South Florida has long been revered as a premier fishing destination for many different reasons. Having been born and raised in South Florida, Capt. Ray Rosher was instilled with a love and appreciation for the finer things that make this fabled fishery his home waters.

From his roots of airboat adventures for timeless backcountry bass fishing to his natural progression years later into the highly competitive tournament scene…you’ll get a glimpse of what drives Capt. Ray Rosher on a daily basis as a full-time charter captain with Miss Britt Sport Fishing.

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