Any Fish, Any Water – Fishing Los Sueños, Costa Rica

“Billfish Capital of the World” gets thrown around on a fairly regular basis, but Costa Rica’s Los Sueños undoubtedly lives up to the hype. Maverick Sportfishing‘s Will Drost is one of the principals and the source of passion behind the entire operation.  Growing up in Louisiana and fishing and hunting since early childhood, Drost eventually found his way to Costa Rica where he fell in love with the incredible fishing at Los Sueños.  “That has evolved into the Maverick Sportfishing fleet,” says Drost.  “Its what I believe to be one of the finest sportfishing fleets in the world.”

Drost visited Los Sueños years ago for an eye-opening experience that led him to pursue a dream of establishing the finest sportfishing fleet in the world.  He continues to share his love of fishing with his charter clients, guests, friends, and family.

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