Amazing Whale Encounters Off SoCal

 Whale Encounters
Photo Credit: Zach Zorn

Amazing Whale Encounters

Just recently, the crew aboard the well known fishing boat the C-Bandit ,skippered by Frank DAnna who owns Dominator Sportfishing, got an exhilarating experience from a pod of gray whales off the coast of San Diego while fishing for yellowtail.

zach zorn yellowfin - Amazing Whale Encounters Off SoCal
Zach Zorn

Zach Zorn, an experienced local angler, was on board and shot this video and photos during the encounter.  “The whales came to us and despite our efforts to move away from them, they continued to follow us, quite fast at that, and hang out under the boat for two hours”, Zach said.

“None of the crew, some very experienced, had ever seen anything like this.  It is something we will never forget.”

gray whale big - Amazing Whale Encounters Off SoCal
Photo Credit: Zach Zorn