West Florida Fishing Report: 05/03/22 with Chasten Whitfield

Chasten Whitfield gives us the scoop live from her backyard as snook and tarpon are feeding behind her. Spring is finally here, water is warming up and the snook, redfish, and tarpon are eager to bite. Check-in on this report to get the inside scoop from Chasten.


Chasten Whitfield is a 19-year-old charter captain/ angler from the west coast of Florida, specifically the Palma Sola area just the south of Tampa Bay. She’s been in the know since she was tot, and today is one of the most respected fisherwomen in our industry. Chasten is also part of the BD OUTDOORS Pro Contributor Team and does a weekly fish report from her area. Make sure to check back in to get the latest on her fishery.

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