Sportboat Roundup with Tonie Bangos – July 06, 2023

In lieu of her normal fish report, Tonie is changing it up this week and demonstrating how she would rig her 40lb outfit for fishing local bluefin and yellowfin tuna. For those curious about how the fishing has been, there has been a fine line between zero and hero. While the fleet is seeing fish most days, whether they are biting or not has been a different story. Just over the past week we’ve seen boats come back with limits of bluefin tuna and a healthy sprinkling of yellowfin tuna, and we’ve also seen boats return to the dock having landed just a couple of fish even though they spent the entire day stopping on schools.

As far as the must-have setup to bring along with you right now, a 30lb and 40lb flyline setup is a necessity. Tonie shows which knots she likes to use and recommends potential other knots for anglers to utilize or try out. At the end of the day, you should tie whichever knots you possess the most confidence in and don’t forget to pick a hot bait. Thanks for watching this week’s Sportboat Roundup, and we’ll see you next week!


Tonie Bangos currently works aboard the Grande and is a seasoned angler who brings us weekly updates that include reports, tips, and the most current information about what’s working in the SoCal Sportboat fishery.⁠ Having worked on fishing boats ranging from San Diego all the way to Alaska, Tonie is well versed and skilled in the fishing scene. She has quickly established herself as one of the most prominent female anglers in Southern California, and anyone who has been lucky enough to fish with her will confirm that she’s an excellent fisherwoman. Every week we look forward to hearing from Tonie, and are very fortunate to have her as a Pro-Contributor.