Sportboat Roundup with Tonie Bangos 4/14/22

With almost all the sportboat fleet tied up to start the week due to bad weather, this week Tonie is going over an extremely effective connection knot. The Tony Pena knot is used when connecting braided line to either monofilament or fluorocarbon. It’s never a bad idea to keep building your knot arsenal, and this particular knot is the favorite of many San Diego fishermen and women. ⁠

The bluefin bite was still red hot before we had some weather come through, and with the fleet back out on the search today and through the weekend, we hope we’ll be bringing you some more good fishing reports next week!⁠


Tonie Bangos works aboard the Grande and is a seasoned angler who brings us weekly updates which include reports, tips, and the most current information about what’s working in the SoCal fishery.⁠