Sportboat Roundup

Putting together a roundup of the sportboat-related fishing action was the role I filled when I first joined BD Outdoors in 2015. Over the years, and especially with 2020 being such a curveball, I got away from that weekly reporting aspect. Starting this week, I’m going to start trying to do a roundup on a more regular basis, while still bringing you all my first person accounts of the fishing I’m doing.

San Diego Full-Day Boats

I mentioned in my last article how I rode full day on the Malahini and it was pretty dry for our trip. The good news was they got into a good yellowfin bite that following Monday (Sept. 27th). Everyone’s been waiting and wondering when the yellowfin would finally show up, but it looks like that may finally be happening.

This Sunday (Oct. 3rd), the San Diego had 70 Yellowfin Tuna, 62 Skipjack Tuna, 3 Dorado, 1 Yellowtail for 34 anglers. Capt. Ryan Bostian said that flylined sardines on 25-40# line (fluorocarbon recommended) was what was getting bit. As always, I’d recommend bringing a setup you can throw (like a colt sniper) on foaming fish.

Outer Banks Bluefin

Up the coast, the main game has been heading out to the Tanner/Cortez area to fish for bluefin. Quality, catchable size fish are biting the flylined sardine during the day, and then the big fish are coming out at night. Heavy flatfalls, and big knife jigs are the ticket for success on the night bite. Come prepared with your big guns though. Cow sized fish are eating the jig and they will test you and your gear to their respective limits. The big news over the weekend was this 345-pound monster (below) caught aboard the Pacific Islander on a 1.5 day trip!

In order to get in this game, 1.5 day trips are the entry level ticket. As is always the case though with bluefin, if you can go longer, you’ll have a better shot at finding that school that wants to bite. It doesn’t matter if you get on a boat in San Diego or San Pedro. For this length of trip, this is where you’ll be fishing and what you’ll be fishing for.

Channel Islands

Up in the 805, they’re back on their usual rockfishing tip after a great summer season filled with white seabass and yellowtail. This is October now, so we only have a couple months before rockfishing shuts down for the year. If you want an easy, relaxing trip, and almost guarantee yourself bringing home a full cooler, then the 805 is your destination.

That being said, you may get a nice surprise beyond the usual bottom grabber fare. Angler Joey Garcia scored this nice halibut aboard the Gentleman on Friday (Oct. 1st) on the rent rod gear!

Lots of good fishing happening in So Cal right now. Get out and enjoy it. Good luck if you get out there!

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