Sportboat Roundup

It’s been a few weeks…so let’s round it up!

Local SD

I didn’t fish during Thanksgiving week. I was excited though to see that the San Diego had seen a good signal of yellowtail. They were posting some of their fish finder pictures and you could see that there were a lot of fish around. Sooner or later, they were due…right?

With the Coronado Islands being largely ignored this year, this yellowtail that they posted on Saturday (Nov. 27th) looked to be of very nice quality. I was thinking about looking to ride with them this week, but when I looked at the Seaforth schedule on Monday, no San Diego. Come to find out, they are done for the year. The New Seaforth is out too. In fact for the rest of the year, other than a 10-day trip coming up on the Polaris Supreme, the only fishing opportunity out of Seaforth on the schedule right now is half days on the Sea Watch. They had 10 reservations for Monday afternoon when I looked, so I decided to go ride with them.

Mini-Trip Report – Sea Watch PM half-day

Pretty solid trip. Regular captain, Kris Karpow, was working the galley. Capt. Ryan Myers ran the trip. We anchored up off the kelp line outside La Jolla, in about 50 feet of water. Once we settled in there, we didn’t really have to move other than one move late to see if we could get a shot at yellowtail.

Pretty much right out of the gate, the bass were biting. The most effective presentations seemed to be either a dropper with a live sardine, or a sliding sinker (1/2 to 1-ounce) with a live sardine. A guy next to me got TWO legals on a double dropper! (right)

I got 3 legals quickly using the dropper…casting and dragging using my Fishing Syndicate Inshore 900L and Tranx 400. After that, I started playing around with other presentations to fill out my bag. I briefly threw the FS 90J surface iron rod when Ryan said there was some surface action off the bow. Birds were chasing bait and I made several throws on it, but it was mostly just outside my casting range. No takers.

All-in-all, a surprisingly solid day of bass fishing…especially considering it was almost December.

Bluefin Still Biting

My buddy Ryan Kruskamp invited me to go ride with him on a 1.5 day trip on the Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing (Long Beach) leaving Friday night (Nov. 26th), fishing Saturday. I wasn’t in the mood to go chase bluefin and declined. I kind of regret not going now. Ryan told me they found a lot of fish in that 80 to 100-pound class at Tanner that wanted to go. They wanted go on 25 or 30-pound fluoro and small hooks (size 4 circles).

Ryan got his limit. The boat count was 23 bluefin for 22 anglers.

I guess when it comes to bluefin fishing, even if it’s on light line and small hooks, it’s better than all-show-and-no-go.

805 Local

I reported last week that I had a pretty good trip on the Endeavor on an overnight trip fishing Santa Rosa in the northern Channel Islands. I’ve been keeping an eye on the local boats to see if it was worth going up to try and get another shot on lingcod before the end of the season.

Apparently it is…my buddy Marcus Fain rode on the Aloha Spirit with Capt. Pat O’Brien on a Marina Del Rey charter for crewmember Sigi Aguirre’s birthday. They went out on a 5-5 trip last Tuesday (Nov. 23rd). Along with the standard rockfishing, Marcus was able to get himself a limit of lings (below) and he wasn’t the only one to get some.

Given that the camo cod have been difficult to come by, even on the overnights, that’s pretty good. Might have to give that a look myself before the end of the year.

All for now. Good luck if you get out there.

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