Tonie Bangos hits us with latest info from the sport boat fleet on this week’s SPORT BOAT ROUNDUP. Yellowtail are starting to show up in the counts as the LIBERTY and THE SAN DIEGO start locating them in our local waters. The GRANDE with Capt. Alec Stockfelt will be getting off the dock as well starting this coming Saturday. As if all of that wasn’t enough to get excited about, some Bluefin have been caught in the 1.5 day range, so keep an eye for that to become a common occurrence in the near future.

Tonie Bangos works aboard the Grande and is a seasoned angler who will be bringing us weekly updates that will include reports, tips, and the most current information about what’s working in the SoCal fishery.⁠

Remember the CARB final hearing is scheduled for the end of this month and they still need our help to make sure we come together to protect our Sportboat fleet. If you’d like to help out and get involved to save our fleet, visit the website to sign the petition