Winter’s tough in the Northwest when it comes to fishing, but when it turns on you’d be hard-pressed to find a location that has more gusto for their local fishery. Captain Tommy Donlin opens up the season by bringing us this early season report and goes over a few locations that will be open to fishing. Additionally, we get a little insight into targeting early season, Chinook Salmon.


Tommy Donlin is our certified madman in the Pacific Northwest. He’s an amazing outdoorsman and one of our go-to sources of information in the PNW for what’s going on in the local fishery. From salmon, lingcod, rockfish, and albacore Tommy gets it done. A pro-staff member for several brands, he has a continual wealth of information and openness to share for the betterment of his fishing community.


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Capt. Tommy Donlin, the BD Outdoors Pro Staff representative for the Pacific Northwest, has more than 20 years of experience fishing the waters from Sitka, Alaska, to Clarion Island off the coast of Mexico. He chases everything that swims off the Washington coast, including tuna, salmon, lingcod, ha...