New Adventures Await

I didn’t get out last week…at least not on a boat. I hit my favorite South Bay (Santa Monica Bay) surf fishing spot.

My surf fishing sensei, Randy Toji, told me that he went the previous weekend and saw the elusive ghosts (corbina) swimming in the skinny water of that near shore trough. Randy said he tried to get them to go on mussel because he wasn’t able to find any sand crabs, but they didn’t want to go. He said they were BIG too!

That info was enough of a draw to make me want to check it out for myself.

Tuesday (April 6th), Ken Kim (my Dash Point Pier WA buddy that’s in town) and I went to take a look. I wasn’t excited about the conditions when I checked it in my tides app. The high of 5.3 was at 6:19am, then dropping to a low of negative 0.5 sometime around 1:30. I figured it might be at a manageable level around 11 or so, and we could get in a decent hour of fishing. We showed up around 10 and it actually looked really good. The tide was down enough that I was able to pry a few mussels off the rocks, and I even found 3 sand crabs!

I didn’t waste a lot of time trying to make bait, because I didn’t have confidence the fishing window would be very long. I told Ken we’d fish the Gulp! worm until we located some fish, and if we saw some corbs, then we’d use our good bait.

We didn’t end up seeing any corbs, but we finally found some willing perch toward the end of our session, so no skunk. It was encouraging that the fish were in close, indicating to me that there must be some kind of forage for them coming off the sand (real worms? bean clams?). The structure looks great. As soon as the sand crab comes in, the fishing should be good.

A Couple Boat Updates

That Coronado yellowtail bite continues. Some other boats have come online now offering more rail supply to get in on that bite. My buddy Greg Bailey, who I fish with on the Native Sun out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, got in on the action. Greg posted over the weekend and I got excited that maybe the Native had scored at Catalina. Unfortunately not the case, he made the trip down to San Diego and scored on the Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Yo-yo is still the dominant mode of catching, but some days they’re wanting the smaller jigs, so bring a selection.

Last Tuesday (April 6th), Capt. Danny Ericson (New Del Mar) had his first charter of the year up north with Capt. Pat O’Brien on the Aloha Spirit out of Channel Islands Sportfishing in Oxnard. They got into a good bite on dropper loop squid that resulted in 6 big yellows. The winner of the day though was fellow Fishing Syndicate team member, Tony McLaurin getting a nice seabass (below). The presence of squid in the Channel Islands is creating gamefish opportunities, so while rockfishing is still primary, don’t limit yourself to bringing strictly rockfish gear if you head up.

I’m heading up this week for the first of my 3 charters with Aloha Spirit owner, Capt. Shawn Steward, on his new 6-pack boat the Graylight. I still have a little room, so hit me up if you’d like to join.

New Adventures Await

As of yesterday, I’ve moved down to Rosarito Beach (MX). I’m writing in my new workspace overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just outside my window, I can see the Coronado Islands. I haven’t spent a ton of time down here that I wasn’t aboard a boat looking back at the land, so there is much for me to discover…fishing and otherwise. I’m looking forward to many new fishing adventures to share with you all, so stay tuned.

Good luck if you get out there!

Joe Sarmiento
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