The Mullet Run has arrived setting the dinner table for a variety of predators inshore. The table is set for some great fishing we just need mother nature to turn off the fan. With the wind blowing consistently out of the south for several days, it has proven difficult to leave the protected backwaters and hit the beaches and offshore areas. Despite less than favorable weather/ wind conditions it sounds like Capt. Chris Britton has been able to put together a few good trips made up of Snook and monster Tarpon. Check out the report for more details.


Captain Chris Britton runs Grey Ghost Charters out of Stuart Florida.  We count on him to give us the latest and greatest from his side of the country.  If you’re looking for a great captain to put you on all from inshore to offshore make sure to give him a ring.  You can also reach him at www.greyghostfishingcharters.com


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