East Florida Fishing Report with Captain Chris Britton

It’s always nice when we get a report from one of the Captains we work with followed by a phone call pleading to get down to their area to fish because the fishing’s on fire. Well, that’s exactly the scenario with Chris Britton from Grey Ghost Charters this week. Chris is jumping out of his skin to get on the water, according to him the fishing has completely switched modes and it’s biting. It’s not just biting but he’s seeing catches in the size of large and extra-large offshore with Dolphin, King Mackeral, and Blackfin Tuna taking center stage. If that wasn’t enough to get excited about the inshore is starting to heat up as well. Tune into this report to get the latest info.


Captain Chris Britton runs Grey Ghost Charters out of Stuart Florida.  We count on him to give us the latest and greatest from his side of the country.  If you’re looking for a great captain to put you on all from inshore to offshore make sure to give him a ring.  You can also reach him at www.greyghostfishingcharters.com


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