An Update & Fishing Report From Casa Vieja Lodge

Although we would like to continue business as usual at Casa Vieja Lodge, we realize the severity of the situation and understand that the health of our clients is of utmost importance as we waiver these unknown seas. Thank you to everyone who has been so understanding during this time as we spoke with all schedule groups from March 12- April 6 and have allowed them to change their dates within the same calendar year with no penalty, and we are bearing that heavy weight as many passed on travel insurance and luckily we are here to help, and always will be.

Please remember when you call our Miami Office, you are speaking with the same kind people that helped you book your magical fishing trip, Kirsten Thomas, Christian Arnold, and Kristen Salazar. As you have no control over the situation, nor do we. As a family business, this affects us tremendously and we know that each and every one of you may be experiencing hardships as well. Trust us, we are monitoring this situation daily. On March 17, we chose to suspend Lodge Operations for three weeks, until April 6. Trips after these dates will remain as-is unless more Governmental instructions are given and we will keep you updated as time progresses.

David and Kristen Salazar own and operate every facet of Casa Vieja Lodge, as well as the 90 employees in Guatemala that will be affected by this shutdown. Think of the woman that brought you hot and fresh Guatemalan coffee every morning, the Captain that helped you land your first sailfish, the mate that gaffed and prepared your first fresh mahi mahi sandwich, the smiling driver that transported you safely, and countless others that make you feel right at home. At the end of the day, this is our little family, in our little niche of the small sportfishing world, and this is all we have. Support us by securing your future Fall and Winter trips and there is no better time than now as those groups that have been displaced this month are snatching up prime 2020 dates!

Unlike our neighboring Central American Countries, on March 14, Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei widened travel restrictions to ban flights from the US and Canada following earlier legislation that banned arrivals from European and Asian countries. He stated this will be in effect until March 30. President Giammattei will give an update on March 23. Once we know more, so will you! Please stay safe and don’t stop thinking about fishing!

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Brazilian World Championships

Casa Vieja Lodge hosted the VII Annual Guatemala Offshore Brazilian Championship an Offshore World Championship Qualifying Event March 13-15, 2020. The Lodge was taken over with 40 anglers from Brazil! It was a festive, but serious time as teams competed for a berth to the 2020 Offshore World Championships held next month in Costa Rica.

Overall, fishing was great with a 3-day sailfish total of 493 raises, 438 bites, 287 releases, and marlin total of 16 raises, 14 bites, 10 releases. Parabéns pescadores!

  • First Place: Tranquility 9,300 pts
  • Second Place: Spindrift 7,900 pts
  • Third Place: Finest Kind 7,100 pts

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Summer Fishing

Get on the books for your Summer Fishing trip. With March/April trips being rescheduled to summer, your dates are being snatched up quickly! As you know summer months boast flat calm seas, more mahi mahi, more tuna, more blue marlin chasing those pelagic, and your always present sailfish.

Graduation gift, postponed Spring Break trip, Father’s Day, or just because you want to fish, we got your covered. Let this be your light at the end of the tunnel, during these troubled times. Fishing truly does make us happy!
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Fishing Reports

March fishing was so much fun, why did it have to end so abruptly. Don’t worry, soon this will all pass but in the mean time check out our fishing report below for the first two weeks in March. The fishery will be thinking of you during your time apart!

Check out a few highlights below. Remember, you can always stay up to date with our daily fishing reports on our website HERE.

  • March 1st-5th, the Pez Raton  (35′ Contender) with Capt. Franz Hoffman, had 75 raises, 47 bites, and 24 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, 2 mahi-mahi, and 10 groupers.
  • March 1st-15th, the Finest Kind (40’ Whiticar) with Capt. Nicho Alvarenga, had 274 raises, 241 bites, and 163 sailfish releases plus 5 marlin raises, 4 marlin bites, 2 marlin releases, and mahi-mahi!
  • March 1st-15th, the Afinity (39′ Billy Knowles) with Capt. Nico Melendrez, had 245 raises, 205 bites, and 128 sailfish releases plus 7 marlin raises, 5 marlin bites, 4 marlin releases (2 striped marlin), 4 tuna, and 9 mahi-mahi.
  • March 1st-15th, the Rum Line (40′ Gamefisherman) with Capt. Terry Brennan, had 149 raises, 116 bites, and 64 sailfish releases plus 3 marlin raises, 1 marlin bite, 1 tuna, and 4 mahi-mahi!
  • March 1st-15th, the Makaira (37’ Rybovich) with Capt. Jason Brice, had 139 raises, 122 bites, and 82 sailfish releases plus 4 marlin raises, 3 marlin bites, and 9 mahi-mahi.
  • March 1st-15th, the Release (37′ Merritt) with Capt. Chico Alvarenga, had 223 raises, 195 bites, and 137 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, 1 marlin bite, 1 marlin release, 1 tuna, and 24 mahi-mahi!
  • March 1st-15th, the Spindrift (38′ Stolper) with Capt. Efrain Rizzo, had 178 raises, 136 bites, 92 sailfish releases plus 4 marlin raises, 4 marlin bites, 3 marlin releases (1 striped marlin), and 14 mahi-mahi.
  • March 3rd-5th, the El Cadejo (35′ Contender) with Capt. Benji Bairez, had 48 raises, 38 bites, and 25 sailfish releases plus 1 marlin raise, and 9 mahi-mahi.
  • March 4th-11th, the Poco Loco (44′ Kincheloe Nickerson) with Capt. David Salazar, had 109 raises, 96 bites, and 67 sailfish releases plus 3 marlin raises, and 8 mahi-mahi.
    *These numbers are a combination of conventional and fly fishing.

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