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Fishing Papua New Guinea, protected by her local native villagers and along with it’s ever-changing tropical climate, has been keeping one of the world’s biggest secret from intruding anglers from the modern world. 
And it is only recent years with Sport Fishing PNG’s operation that fishing enthusiasts around the world has come to realize that Papua New Guinea is teeming with isolated fishing grounds and untouched rivers, offering unique and sport-fishing experience nowhere found in the world.

A Fishing Report From Sportfishing PNG

Our Third group to Papua New Guinea for 2017 was a mixed bag of anglers. We had Andrew, Craig and Gary as well as Cris and Dirk two Afrikaans lads from Australia, Greg and Paul from the UK, Ian from Hong Kong, Scot from America and Jorg from Germany. For the majority of the guys this would be their first experience with the topwater and jigging disciplines but what they lacked in experience they made up for with enthusiasm and with a bit of coaching and “sage advice” from the SFPNG guides and crew by the time they stepped off the boat a week later they looked like hardcore pros.

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Heading to K20 in the local fashion 12 guys and all their luggage in the back of a 5-ton truck!

Jed and I focused on jigging for the Dogs for the first part of the trip hoping to have a repeat of the monster he landed a few weeks back but the doggies where feeling temperamental, we landed plenty of the smaller guys along with Ruby snapper, Trout and the usual suspects. With the Garmin’s showing massive schools of rainbow runner and the current and conditions picture perfect, we were surprised to only have a couple of smoking runs, and two broken rods. It seemed the monster fish had lock jaw so when everyone had their fill of the dogs we turned our attention to the topwater species on hand.

No monster Doggies boated this trip but you really have to be at the top of your game to take them. Two broken rods and multiple bust offs proved this.

The area we fish is vast so on every trip the guides try to explore new regions of the reef system hoping to luck into a new honey hole. Jed found a spot loaded with big GT’s and spent most of the morning watching his guys taking multiple beat downs and landing a few, two of which were around the 40 kilo mark.

I also managed to find some new spots one of which was loaded with a crazy amount of Spanish mackerel providing us with a lot of fun on light gear as they smashed anything shiny like rabid magpies.

Fikia and Mae on the smaller boats did very well as usual. They are experts at getting in close to the white water on top of the reefs where the bigger boats can’t venture for the guys to put in their casts and they claimed the majority of the big GT’s landed on the trip as well as most of the Napoleons.

Speaking of Napoleons Greg one of the UK boys caught an obscene amount of them on big bucktailed jigs of all things. It was the one species he had come to PNG hoping to catch and he managed 3 on the first day alone with Fikia and 8 in total for the trip if I remember correctly so he was very chuffed as you can imagine.

Fishing Papua New GuineaThe weather for the week had started off a little sketchy but soon cleared up with the wind dropping away and only the odd tropic squall blowing by to cool us down.

The tidal flow was massive and we had current virtually the entire day but most of our action was in the morning and late afternoon so we often spend lunch kicking back on a secluded beach and having a swim, or casting lures from the sand spits which got some nice results for a few of the guys. We missed far more fish than we landed on this trip but still posted great numbers, and the boys where full of tales each night around the dinner table about the near misses and lost fish.

Massive boat The trip was a great success with almost everyone catching one of the main species and those that didn’t will be back again soon. As always big thanks to the guides and crew of K2O for an outstanding job and to the fishermen who joined us on another epic PNG adventure.



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