Crank bait


If you’re as much of a tackle fanatic as us at BD Outdoors this new crank bait will surely catch your eye.

A versatile crank bait features the action of handcrafted wood baits and runs true out of the package.

The Berkley Juke is the new highly versatile crank bait for saltwater anglers with a coffin-shaped bill for maximum darting action with little effort. This flat-sided shad-shaped body, featuring a tantalizing side flash, can be cranked, twitched, or trolled with an extremely lifelike movement that entices strikes from various fish.

This unique bait was designed by world-class design engineers at Berkley Labs to provide a level of responsiveness and fantastic rolling action with minimal rod movement and is equipped with precision-tuned rattles for maximum attraction capabilities. With two sizes – 3.75” and 4”, the saltwater Juke comes in fourteen iconic saltwater patterns and scale textures to perfectly emulate several common inshore baitfish. It’s equipped with sticky sharp, 3X strong, anti-rust Fusion19 treble hooks, making it a plug-and-play bait right out of the package.

The diving depth of three to five feet gives the shallow-suspending Juke total control through the water column, making it easy to target shallow and suspended fish.

Key Features
• Two sizes: 85MM – 3.75 inch (3/8 ounce) • 100MM – 4 inch (11/16 ounce)
• 14 iconic saltwater baitfish color and scale textures
• 3 to 5 foot diving depth
• Stainless steel hardware and 3X strong, anti-rust Fusion19 treble hooks
• Chip resistant paint finish

MSRP: $9.99
Available: September 2022

To learn more about Berkley Fishing, Click HERE.

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