Want to know how the best get to be the best? Well, we can’t tell you all the secrets but we can tell you one right from Benny Ortiz, regarded as one of the authorities on Slow Pitch Jigging. Benny is meticulous about documenting his experiences on the water and studying what worked and didn’t over time. While Benny’s not divulging any of his favorite grouper holes, he has developed a tool for all of us to get better at our trade. The Slow Pitch Jigging logbook was created in partnership with Benny Ortiz. The goal was to give anglers a tool to document their time on the water to make better sense of tackle, technique and conditions.

The logbook includes all of the variables when tracked precisely, that can lead to a more successful time on the water. Benny spent years sharpening his skills and learning through trial and error what fish want and how to battle water conditions to land his targeted species. He learned this through documenting his attempts, successes, and failures.

When used correctly this guide can reduce your learning curve to faster advancement of the craft on the water.

Word form Angela: As an Angler for over 40 years, I grew up watching my grandfather log his day each evening in his small notepad. He would often reach out to other captains and record their findings as well. As children, we often thought he was magical as he always knew where the fish were and what they were hungry for. It was never magic; it was research and time, well maybe a little magic.

Documenting your time on the water as well as learning from others, is one of many strategies successful anglers all have in common.

Book Contains:

  • Easy to find labeling for species and date of catch including weather, water conditions, shark activity, tackle and jigs set up, and lessons learned.
  • Ease of log comparison with other anglers.
  • Benny Ortiz real-catch completed log entry.
  • Suitable for all range trips from inshore micro-jigging to deep water.
  • “Worry by time” trip log to leave on shore.
  • Tackle Check List

How to get it? You can purchase the paperback directly on Amazon.