For us as anglers’ sight is a huge component of our endeavor.  The ability to read the ocean and life around us is an essential component of locating our quarry.  At harm’s way are our eyes and something we never leave the dock without is sun protection, but not all protective eyewear is created equal and that’s where SPY Optics comes into the equation.

Never satisfied with the standard SPY Optics has gone above and beyond to create the ultimate sunglass to enhance those days on the water, while protecting our eyes from harmful rays from the sun with the releases of their new HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Technology that was born out of a desire to create the ultimate outdoor experience. Adding super vivid color and contrast to their patented therapeutic HAPPY® Lens using artificial intelligence.

In the end the advancements they’ve attained assist in picking out those subtleties on the water, from spotting a kelp patty to seeing a school of shining bluefin in the distance.

Seriously a gamechanger, super vivid color and contrasts lets me pick up kelps easily, coupled with the lightweight frames makes them super wearable.


SPY+ Optic continues to innovate by using artificial intelligence to create HAPPY BOOST™ – a sun lens that enhances color by 30% more than the naked eye and twice that of any premium sunglass lens on the market. Incorporating the HAPPY® Lens technology, the only sunglass lens tech tuned to boost mood and alertness, the new SPY+ HAPPY BOOST lens sets the standard in performance sunglasses.

There is no other lens on the market that incorporates the color, contrast, and performance-enhancing features of the new SPY+ HAPPY BOOST. Until now, most color-enhancing sunglass lenses saturate a few colors unevenly while sacrificing others and muting the white point seen by the eye. While some premium sunglass lenses can enhance color and contrast 15% more than the eye alone, they do so unevenly and to the detriment of other colors in the spectrum. With 30% more color and contrast enhancement, HAPPY BOOST provides a visual experience twice that of any sunglass competitor on the market.

The artificial intelligence used to create HAPPY BOOST sampled over 10 million unique lens combinations, factoring in all visible colors, different times of day, weather, and other factors that affect the perception of color. Using this data, SPY+ formulated a new lens design at the molecular level to enhance color evenly, maintain an optimum white balance, and still include their proprietary HAPPY Lens Technology to boost mood and alertness.

The HAPPY BOOST sunglass lens will debut in June 2022 in the new SPY+ polarized SPY+ Ice Blue mirror lens colorway. The first collection of HAPPY BOOST sunglasses features a reflective ice-blue mirror front, bronze polarized base, hydro-oleophobic coating, and an anti-reflective coating on the backside, making it the ultimate lens for any adventure. HAPPY BOOST will be available in 12 sunglass models, spanning nine of the most popular SPY+ frame styles, including the MONOLITH, Helm Tech, Discord, Logan, and Rebar. Each frame will be available in Matte Black or Matte White colorways with a $180 – $210 MSRP range.

The entire HAPPY BOOST collection can be seen online at and is now available through the global network of SPY+ retail supporters.

The entire HAPPY BOOST collection can be seen online at and is now available through the global network of SPY+ retail supporters.

About SPY+

Born in 1994 in San Diego, SPY+ hails from the intersection of cultures that define California youth. The name SPY+ represents our role as agents of this culture, and our cross icon and flagship orange are universal symbols of positivity and good vibes. As purveyors of excellence in eyewear, our endless pursuit of positive cultural evolution is symbolized by these tools that have a profound impact on how you see the world. Utilizing our patented technology, our world-renowned HAPPY lens tech is the only therapeutic lens on the market to scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness and is available in HAPPY Sun, HAPPY BOOST, HAPPY Screen, and HAPPY Gaming lenses. We are fellow travelers on the never-ending journey to see the world differently—to explore, create, and uplift. We are SPY+. To join the tribe, visit,,, and