Hooked on Bluefin: COSTA FILMS

If you’re like us at the BD Outdoors office you get pretty fired up on good fishing content. This one hits a little closer to home with us being huge Bluefin Tuna aficionados. The team at COSTA put together a truly inspirational film with some of the best Bluefin anglers. So, grab a cold one, sit on your most comfortable couch spot and check out this remarkable film.

Film Overview: “They’re the biggest, baddest fish in the ocean. They will break your heart, they will break your soul, they will break your back, they’ll break your gear. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.” Costa Films’ “Hooked on Bluefin,” unpacks the centuries-old culture of fishing for bluefin tuna — one of the most highly-valued gamefish on the planet. A coast-to-coast adventure, this film explores everything it takes to bring one of these mighty fish from ocean to table.