Here Comes Hurricane Hilary

According to the National Hurricane Center of NOAA, the current Tropical Storm Hilary is expected to become a hurricane by tomorrow, Thursday, August 17th. This storm is gaining strength in the Eastern Pacific as it develops off the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. The current trajectory shows that instead of taking the more common westward path towards the Central Pacific, this potential hurricane is projected to take a northwest path along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula.

The NHC has issued the following key messages for Tropical Storm Hilary as of their second published advisory on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 4:00 PM CDT:

  • Hilary has the potential to bring impacts to the Baja California peninsula and portions of the southwestern United States this weekend. Although it is too soon to determine the location and magnitude of rainfall and wind impacts, interests in these areas should monitor the progress of Hilary and updates to the forecast
  • Large swells from Hilary will spread northward along the coast of southwestern Mexico and the Baja California peninsula during the next days

Images courtesy of National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center, NOAA

Hilary is expected to bring high winds and potentially heavy rainfall to Southern California on Sunday and Monday as it makes its way northwest. The National Hurricane Center has forecasted that Hilary will peak in strength on Saturday morning as a potential Category 3 hurricane. As the hurricane moves north, it is predicted to weaken over the colder waters off the coast of Northern Baja and Southern California.

By the time Hilary reaches the Southern California coastline, it will no longer be classified as a hurricane. However, this does not mean that we will not experience high winds, large surf, and heavy rainfall locally. As for fishing, we will see if Hilary has any lingering effects that could potentially bring more warm-water tropical species within striking distance of Southern California-based anglers. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the forecast for Hilary on the National Hurricane Center’s website here.