Guy Harvey & Dexter – A Case Of Give & Take

Most anglers, chefs, and sportsmen are very familiar with Dexter Outdoors and their quality knives built for a myriad of cutting chores. And I would dare to say that all fishermen are familiar with the famous marine artist, angler, and ocean conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey!

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That’s why we would expect nothing less than spectacular from a collaboration of these two famous forces in the fishing world!

Introducing the Guy Harvey Fillet Knife Collection from Dexter Outdoors. Two of Dexter’s most popular fillet knives have been taken to a new level and adorned with Guy Harvey art on the blade and sheath. Sporting new blue handles with the same classic Dexter SOFGRIP feel that we know and love, the 8″ wide and the 8″ flexible knives not only look good but work as well as the originals.

guy harvey knife
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True fishermen are the most diehard conservationists, and while we all love to take home some fish for dinner, we also share the same love for the ocean as the Guy Harvey Foundation. The Foundation focuses on sustainability and ocean conservation. We all want the ocean healthy for our kids and future generations so that they too can enjoy the fresh bounty of the sea.

That’s the “Give & Take” part of the partnership. Dexter will donate a portion of all Guy Harvey Collection knives sold back to the Guy Harvey Foundation to further important fisheries research and conservation so that we have fish to clean and eat forever.

So next time you’re cleaning your catch, use a Guy Harvey Dexter so that you know you are giving some back to the ocean as you take some home for dinner.

Check out the Guy Harvey Collection on the Dexter Outdoors website.

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