AFTCO’s Conservation Focus Gives Back In 2021

AFTCO has been a staple of the fishing industry and a leader in products built to better the sport of fishing.  Their additional focus on apparel and accessories has catapulted them to becoming a household name in “fishy” families.  Their focus on function, quality, and “eye-catching” style has kept them an industry leader for many years, but the fact that they are a leader in conservation is probably what the family and crew behind AFTCO are most proud of. 

It’s been a family tradition in the Shedd family to give back to the sport that they personally enjoy and treasure as well as make a living from.  The AFTCO 10% Pledge to Protect & Conserve is the crowned jewel of these efforts.  The name says it all, 10% of AFTCO’s profits are donated to preserve, conserve and improve fisheries and habitats all around the country.  Both freshwater and saltwater fisheries benefit from these significant contributions each and every year.  

Driven by customer loyalty, the 10% Pledge generated over 548K in contributions in 2021 alone

The crew at AFTCO also spends countless hours and energies towards conservation causes and this is above and beyond any money donated.  Whether it’s beach clean-ups, hatchery volunteers, CCA events and so much more, AFTCO staff have answered the call with both employee and personal time.  

“Not many companies put their money where their mouth is”, said Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge TV show.  “We have always admired and been amazed at the selfless dedication by the AFTCO team to preserving our fisheries and our access to them.  More than ever, they have helped lead the fight and fund the organizations that are trying to save fishing.” 

Just a Sample of AFTCO’s Conservation Partners 

CCA State and National Chapters 

Keep America Fishing 

Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute 

IGFA – International Gamefish Association 

Bass Fishing Hall of Fame 

C.A.S.T. For Kids 

Fishing’s Future 

The Ike Foundation 

Captains For Clean Water 

Center For Sportfishing Policy 

FishAmerica Foundation/ASA 

Friends of Reservoirs 

There will always be a need to conserve our natural resources and the ability to enjoy them with our family and friends.  Sportsmen have proven to be a vital link in the drive and funding of conservation programs and leaders like AFTCO are a vital link in focusing this broad desire to conserve into a focused, funded tool for the benefit of everyone.  Thanks, AFTCO!