YETI LoadOut® GoBox Gear Case Product Review

Saltwater anglers are always battling to find an easily transportable, yet durable case to store and haul around their fishing gear and tackle. As we all know, fishing gear certainly isn’t cheap. If you spend a lot of time fishing in saltwater, protecting your gear from the elements is a top priority if you’re planning on getting the maximum return on your investments. While we can’t say we’re surprised, we were stoked to discover that YETI has engineered and introduced a product to meet these needs in the form of the YETI LoadOut GoBox Gear Case.

Yeti gobox 30 and 15

While the YETI LoadOut GoBox can be utilized well outside the realm of fishing, here at BD Outdoors when we were lucky enough to get our hands on the 15 and 30 sizes respectively, we immediately took them out on the boat to test them on the water. Our instant first impression of these products was that the engineering team at YETI put extensive thought and consideration into what an outdoorsman or waterman requires in a Gear Case.

These Gear Cases are built to withstand the most brutal of elements. Fully submersible and 100% waterproof thanks to a combination of gaskets, latches, and vents, you can be confident that any gear or tackle loaded inside will stay clean and dry. Meeting international standards IP65 and IP76, used to define levels of sealing effectiveness, these gear boxes protect from both blasts of water like you might experience when running offshore on the boat, and also complete submersion underwater. For the land-based angler, the Wildproof™ design also ensures that your Gear Case is dust proof to protect any and all gear packed inside.

Yeti gobox 15 review
yeti gobox 15 inside

The LoadOut GoBox Gear Cases come in three sizes: 15, 30, and 60. (The 60 size should be available for purchase later this spring). Each size comes with at least one removable caddy, while the larger sizes also incorporate dividers for easy organization. Check out some of the key differences in the three sizes below.

Yeti gobox 15

LoadOut GoBox 15 Gear Case.
Key Differences:
Fits a marine safety kit, first aid supplies, or whitewater basics.
Built-in flip handle.
Fits a single caddy, comes with one.

Yeti gobox 30

LoadOut GoBox 30 Gear Case.
Key Differences:
Fits climbing gear, biking equipment, or a camp pantry.
HeftyHauler™ Handle attached.
Fits two caddies and a single divider, comes with one each.

Yeti gobox 60

LoadOut GoBox 60 Gear Case.
Key Differences:
Fits a full camp kitchen, bulky bedding, or a rolled-up tent.
Each side has a HeftyHauler™ Handle for two-handed carrying.
Fits three caddies and two dividers, comes with one each.

From smallest to largest, the Gear Boxes weigh 7.5lbs, 11.8lbs, and 17.2lbs respectively. The 15 size is ideal for short trips where you need to pack just the essentials and ensure that they are protected from the elements. We found that this size was perfect for a day trip out on the boat when we needed to bring a couple spools of fluoro and an assortment of jigs and lures. For us, the 30 size seemed to be the sweet spot. Large enough to pack in everything that we might need for a day or two on the water but compact enough to easily fit anywhere on the boat and not be in the way. While we have not gotten to utilize the 60 size, we can confidently say that it will be the ultimate watermen’s gear case. It will encompass all of the advantages of the smaller sizes but allow you to take everything you need and more…and we all know that fishermen always pack more than we need. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it right?

In our opinion, the new YETI LoadOut GoBox Gear Cases are a must have addition to any watermen’s or outdoorsmen’s storage and travel essentials. Having the peace of mind knowing that your hard earned gear and tackle is safe and protected will allow you to enjoy your trip that much more. Yeti has added yet another impressive product to their arsenal, and one that we’ll be using for years to come.

To check out these products for yourself, you can head to YETI’s website here, or use the links below.
GoBox 15 Gear Case
GoBox 30 Gear Case
GoBox 60 Gear Case

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