Rod Cup Holder In One

Every now and then you come across a product that is so smart, yet so simple that you can’t help but say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” When walking the isles of a recent boat show in Florida, we came across one such product. Called the Mate Series, this combination rod and cup holder makes the most of the space on your boat.

Boats tend to either have a lack of cup holders or a lack of rod holders. It’s tough to find the perfect balance, but not with this smart product that converts each rod holder into a cup holder as well. With the Mate Series holders, you can kill two birds with just one hole. Built out of 316 stainless steel, the Mate Series holders look sharp on the gunwale and won’t corrode or fall apart. They have plastic Mate Series models available as well. The holders are available in straight, 15- and 30-degree angles so you can install them in a leaning post, console or anywhere on the gunwales.

“Cup holders are a treasured commodity on any boat.”

Because the top portion of the unit is the cup holder, you don’t need to drill on an angle to install the Mate Series, making installation much easier. A simple right angle hole-saw cut makes retrofits and OEM installation a breeze. An optional backing plate is available as well. You will need a 3 ¼-inch drill bit, and Mate Series will send one to you for use. Just give them a deposit and use the bit. When you’re done, return the bit and they’ll give you your money back.

Cup holders are a treasured commodity on any boat. Not only do they keep your beverage safe, they’re also a good spot to stick your pliers, a lure, weights or even your cellphone in a pinch. If you’re thinking of changing out or adding some rod holders, you might consider going with the Mate Series. For more info, visit the Mate Series website at

Rod Cup Holder