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New IRIS Handheld Thermal Nightspotter Scope

New IRIS Handheld Thermal Nightspotter Scope

The brand new NightSpotter Hand Held Scope from Iris Innovations is the ultimate portable night vision tool, enhancing safety, visibility and security whilst at sea. This new innovation was just released at the recent Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and will be a very popular tool for fishermen and boaters in general.

Fitting literally in the palm of your hand, NightSpotter delivers crystal clear images in total darkness, helping boaters spot a range of hazards when running at night. With its ability to clearly detect dangers such as rocks, unlit buoys, jetties, vessels, commercial fishing gear, floating debris and other objects, NightSpotter gives cruisers confidence to explore unfamiliar waters and lets anglers keep fishing long into the night. In emergency and man overboard situations, NightSpotter can help boaters spot people in the water and aid swift rescue

NightSpotter works by processing heat radiation given off by all objects to produce crisp, high resolution video images.

NightSpotter is so sensitive, it can process temperature differences as low as 50mK. Because NightSpotter makes pictures from heat, it can be used in the dead of night, and in poor visibility without an external illumination source.

New IRIS Handheld Thermal Nightspotter Scope

Available with either a 384×288 or 240×160 resolution, NightSpotter can be used to detect hidden objects, channel markers, debris and is an essential tool for man overboard searches.

The scope is both lightweight and compact, with a built in high power LED torch, composite video output and adjustable focus setting, up to 4x digital zoom, white-hot, black hot and red-hot palette functions and adjustable brightness controls.

NightSpotters portability not only makes it an incredibly useful addition to your onboard safety, but also makes a fantastic tool around the home for checking water and electrical pipes, roof insulation and even leaks. Why not take your NightSpotter hunting or for spotting wildlife? The NightSpotter really is the ultimate all round portable night vision scope.


  • IRIS240 Model – 384 x 288 Resolution
  • 19mm Lens
  • Field of View: 28.36Ëš x 21.46Ëš
  • Digital Zoom x2 & x4
  • IRIS241 Model – 160 x 120 Resolution
  • 14.8mm Lens
  • Field of View: 15.39Ëš x 11.57Ëš
  • Digital Zoom x2
  • Spectral Range: 8~14µm
  • Refresh Rate: 25Hz
  • Environmental Rating: IP66
  • Composite Video Output
  • 8 Hour Battery Operation
  • Built in High Bright LED Torch

Learn more at the IRIS website.

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