Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Hook

Mustad Demon Perfect Offset Circle Hooks

No other tool has saved more billfish since the advent of catch-and-release fishing than the circle hook. With its unique shape, circle hooks actually improve your hookup percentage (once you get used to fishing with them) and almost always catch a fish in the mouth rather than gut-hooking the animal. But until recently, the sizing of circle hooks was all over the place. A 10/0 circle hook might be the same size as an 8/0 circle hook in another style. Mustad’s new Demon Perfect Circle Hook changes all of that. The company’s hook designers worked with fishery experts and captains to create Mustad’s Precision Proportions which uses the same proportions for the hook’s point angle and length, gap, front length and all other parameters across the entire size range. The hooks also feature a new modified point design with a 96-degree angle to help increase the percentage of hooking a fish in the lip or jaw.

mustad demon circle hook

All of the hooks feature Mustad’s new 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology for a slimmer, super-sharp point. Chemically sharpened for added strength, the Demon Perfect Circle Hooks have already proven their effectiveness in all offshore situations from long-range trips to trolling rigged baits for marlin. The nonoffset circle hooks are available from 3/0 to 16/0 sizes in the 3X class. A thicker, 5X strong hook features Mustad’s Z-steel finish and is available from 10/0 to 16/0. Circle hooks are mandatory when fishing with natural baits in East Coast billfish tournaments. The Bisbee tournaments also require the use of circle hooks, so if you’re familiar with them, you better figure it out quick. The Billfish Foundation was so impressed with the Mustad non-offset Demon Perfect Circle Hooks that they officially endorsed the hook and gave them a stamp of approval.

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