Montauk Tackle Polo Pullover | Performance Pullover and Polo Shirts

Everyone knows that keeping cool and dry when fishing is not exactly easy, unless you punk out and spend the day in an air-conditioned cabin. If you’re fishing in the hot sun, you’re going to sweat, and unless you make preparations, you will get sunburnt.

Montauk Tackle Polo PulloverMontauk Tackle Company, makers of performance fishing clothes, introduced a line of crewneck fishing shirts with a specialized fabric featuring the company’s MTCdryprotect system a little while back. These shirts give you the protection you need when fishing. To round out the line of performance apparel, Montauk Tackle added a new polo shirt made out of the same MTCdryprotect fabric, as well as a heavy-weight pullover.

The three-button polo is a classic, clean design and is made from the same super-soft material as the original performance shirts. The polos have the same 50-spf sunblock rating and they dry extremely fast and wick away moisture. So, if you like the idea of wearing your fishing shirts from the boat right to the club, the polo is a great option. The polo retails for $69 and comes in four colors.

As always, all of Montauk’s apparel is made in the
United States.

The new MTCdryprotect system heavyweight performance Quarter-Zip Pull-Over will keep you warm on those chilly mornings. These pullovers feature Montauk’s heavyweight performance material and are lined with super-soft fleece. You can wear them as a stand-alone sweatshirt or as a layer underneath your foul-weather gear on those days when the mercury really drops. Like the other Montauk high-performance shirts the pullovers dry quickly for added comfort. They retail for $99 and come in four colors.

For more information on Montauk Tackle’s line of clothing visit or call 646-261-0069.

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