Minox BN 7x 50 DC Binocular Review

Minox Binocular Review Marine

We received a pair of Minox BN 7×50 DC Binoculars from our friends at Pelagic Outfitters to play with. Like most serious fishermen and hunters, we here at BDO know that optics are not the place to “cheap out”.

From gyro binoculars on the boat to a quality scope on your deer rifle, quality optics equal full freezers in our book.

As soon as you take them out of the box, you can tell this is a quality pair of binoculars. Comfortable ergonomics, a rubberized coating and an overall solid feel gave me a great initial impression.

Immediately after unpacking, we all went outside for a little test drive. Right away we were impressed with its light gathering ability. The image was exceptionally bright and razor sharp.

I’m one of those people that have trouble with cheaper “binos”. I can never seem to align the images correctly and I quickly get a headache and stop using them. These “binos” didn’t suffer from that issue. They adjusted easily, came into perfect focus and were comfortable for extended periods of time.

Minox Binocular Review Marine

We soon noticed “buttons” on the top of the glasses. A quick look at the manual and we found a whole host of cool features. These binoculars have a tiny computer built in that offers all kinds of useful data that is overlaid on the image. With a couple quick button presses you can access barometric, altimetry, temperature, stopwatch, clock and most importantly compass headings. We use very high-end binos on the boat all the time and the one feature we always wish we had was an integrated compass. Instead of saying “kelp paddy that way!” you can say “kelp paddy on a 215 heading!” This is an awesome tool that all marine binoculars should offer.

Minox Binocular Review MarineThe Minox BN’s definitely passed the initial tests, but how would they work on the water? We took this demo pair on a recent fishing trip to the Sea of Cortez and put them through their paces. After a week of heavy use, my boat mates and I were thoroughly impressed. The image was crisp and bright in nearly all conditions.

I would definitely recommend these binoculars for any serious outdoorsman. With a $699 price at Pelagic Outfitters they certainly outperform their price tag.

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