Kite Fishing and Trolling for Tuna with Rosco Coastlock Snap and Barrel Swivels

By this point in time, Southern California anglers and fishermen across the country know that some of the most effective ways to catch a big Bluefin tuna off the West Coast are by fishing with a kite or utilizing certain trolling techniques. As the years have passed, we’ve refined our techniques, ensuring that a higher percentage of hooked fish make it to the boat and tackle failures are kept to a minimum. For the first few years that we were fortunate enough to target these giant Pacific Bluefin right in our backyard, many people were humbled by these fish time and time again. With it being a newly developing fishery, numerous anglers were often armed with improper gear which the 200+ pound Bluefin took full advantage of, blowing up our undersized reels or snapping connection points with a sudden run or big head shake.

As time went on, we realized that limiting connection points and minimizing the possibility of tackle failures were essential to increase our hook-to-land ratio for these big Bluefin. Although it can be time-consuming, setting aside a few hours to prepare the day before a trip to rig and double-check all your rigging is something that cannot be stressed enough. Fishing can be a tremendous investment, and when we are spending valuable time (which is often limited for many fishermen), being sure that you are rigged with the highest quality terminal tackle and gear can make all the difference in getting your next trophy fish over the rail and into the boat.

While often overlooked, terminal tackle is frequently a pivotal factor in everyday fishing. From split rings and snap swivels to crimps and beyond, we’ve all experienced tackle failure on the water that could have been easily prevented.

As Southern California anglers began to adapt to this ever-changing fishery, we began to place much more importance not only on the rods and reels we fished, but also on our choice of terminal tackle. Pre-making flyer rigs to fish fresh-frozen dead flying fish on the kite became the norm. We mimicked and altered the rigging of the “Yummy Flyer”, using 250-400lb leader and size 9/O-11/O J hooks and size 5/O treble hooks (every angler has a personal preference for leader and hook size). When we realized that trolling was another effective way of catching these fish, we began assembling pre-made leaders on our trolling lures or using snap swivels to attach our line directly to the bait, a popular way of fishing the spreader bar.

By having this foresight and taking the time to properly prepare our rigging, we not only limit the number of connection points, but also improve and strengthen our entire outfits as a whole. On our trips targeting giant Pacific Bluefin Tuna, we like to crimp the Rosco Coastlock snap swivel directly to our wind-on leader, which we can then connect to our pre-made flyer rigs or trolling lures, preventing any line twist. For the snap swivels, we recommend a size 4/O-37 (350lb) or size 6/O-37 (450lb), and for the barrel swivels, a size 4/O (350lb) will do the job for you.

Rosco Coastlock Snap Swivels are available in nickel or black finish, and range in size from 10 (30lb) to 6/O (450lb). Rosco Barrel Swivels are available in nickel, black, or brass finish and range in size from 12 (15lb) to 4/O (350lb). These size ranges offer anglers options no matter the fishery they may find themselves in.

Rosco also manufactures large handheld crimping pliers that can be used when rigging up your big fish tackle. The pliers are made from 4150 cold-rolled steel and heat-treated to RC 44 to 48. Crimp cavities are buffed to a high luster to prevent sticking of the sleeve after crimping. All pivots are hardened and ground to resist wear under high crimping loads.

Rosco Handheld Crimping Pliers Jaw Sizes:

  • 1/32″ – (0.79375mm)
  • 3/64″ – (1.190625mm)
  • 1/16″ –  (1.5875mm)
  • 3/32″ – (2.38125mm)
  • 1/8″  – (3.175mm)

About Rome Specialty Company, Inc.

Rome Specialty Company, Inc. has been manufacturing terminal fishing tackle in Rome, NY since 1926. From its inception, ROSCO swivels principal products have been sport and commercial fishing swivels, snaps, sleeves, and rings. Our products are made out of either brass or stainless steel and can be plated in nickel or oxidized in black. We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal fishing tackle and lure components in the United States.