Jeppesen Give Away For C-MAP and MAX-N

Jeppesen today has announced a special promotion that makes purchasing C-MAP by Jeppesen MAX-N cartography an even better decision for owners of compatible Simrad, Lowrance and B&G navigation systems.

Throughout 2014, boaters worldwide who purchase MAX-N Wide or MAX-N Local charts will receive a registration voucher valued at $99 packaged with the chart, good for a one-year subscription to Insight Genesis™, Navico‘s personal map-generation tool for Lowrance, Simrad NS and B&G Zeus series chartplotters.

users who purchase MAX-N cartography benefit from Jeppesen’s global reputation for trusted data from official sources and ongoing commitment to deliver updates, enhancements and value added data. During this promotion, these same boaters also benefit from the unique capabilities of Insight Genesis, at no cost to them.

An Insight Genesis subscription allows boaters to upload up to four hours of personally gathered sonar logs, then view charts online or save maps to an SD card for use on as many as four compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G displays. Subscription features also include the ability to adjust contour intervals; merge multiple uploads; overlay bottom hardness and vegetation outline layers; analyze changes over multiple recordings with trend-analysis; securely store sonar logs, maps and boaters’ critical trip and waypoint data online — accessible from any internet-connected device; and the ability to keep recorded sonar data private or to share selected trips with the Insight Genesis community.

These capabilities allow boaters to develop over time their own refined, customized maps by integrating personally gathered data on wrecks, weedbeds, ledges, pinnacles, submerged points, reefs and other important structure and bottom contours over their MAX-N cartography — giving fishermen, divers and cruisers important data that can make fishing and diving more fun and productive.

New MAX-N cartography was developed by navigation leader Jeppesen specifically for Lowrance Elite 7 and HDS Gen1, Gen2 and Gen 2 Touch, Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO, and B&G Zeus Touch multifunction navigators, empowering these systems with Jeppesen’s accurate, up-to-date chart data and unique charting features. With the availability of MAX-N Wide and new MAX-N Local charts for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, users of these popular Navico-branded systems can enjoy an enhanced navigation experience that best fits their boating needs, lifestyle and budget. Jeppesen MAX-N Wide and Local charts are available on pre-programmed micro SD cards (with adapter) through Jeppesen dealers across North America, or online via Jeppesen Direct. MAX-N Wide and Local charts can also be purchased through the online Navico Insight Store (

Consumers who purchase their MAX-N chart via the Insight Store will receive their free Insight Genesis subscription directly from Navico at the time of purchase. All others will receive the registration voucher included in their MAX-N package.

To learn more about Jeppesen MAX-N cartography for popular Lowrance, Simrad and B&G navigation systems, visit your authorized North American C-MAP by Jeppesen dealer or visit online at

Jeppesen Give Away