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Introducing the OXE Diesel Outboard

OXE Diesel Outboard

At some point in the spectrum of time, one might say the future is here.

One might also say that about the OXE, soon to be the world’s first production diesel powered outboard engine, is that future.

Swedish makers will begin selling their 200-horsepower diesel outboards as soon as next year and the dream is already a reality. The OXE is logging hours on the back of test boats as we speak.

This unique motor combines the ready made efficiency of a marinized automotive diesel engine and transfers that power to a lower unit via a proprietary carbon-fiber belt system. These belts eliminate the traditional bevel gears, which were a weak link against the torque of diesel engines.

The design also allows for a much more streamlined lower unit, translating to less drag and higher efficiency and performance. The OXE outboard will be offered in three shaft lengths and is only slightly heavier than old-styled outboards. The engines will meet the upcoming Tier 3 emissions standard.

OXE Diesel Outboard

The design sets the motor horizontal and makes for easy access for maintenance, though the service intervals are a convenient 200 hours. Fuel efficiency and low emissions and plenty of power are the attributes of this new design.

Well thought out and easily exchanged within the footprint of other outboards, the OXE diesel outboard may just be the future in the present.

For more information, visit oxe-diesel.com.

Photo Credit: Oxe-diesel.com and YouTube video capture

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