Hot New Marine Electronics

New Marine Electronics

electronics reviewThere has never been a better time to be a fishermen and a boater because the abilities of modern electronics jump by leaps and bounds. With the user in mind, marine electronics companies are producing some amazing high-tech units that are very user friendly and easy to rig and run.

Here are some highlights of the newest products for 2015 so far.


Simrad continues to improve on the function and user options of their NSS and NSO multifunction displays. New features such as the award winning ForwardScan Sonar greatly increase boating safety and fishability with a transducer that can provide a clear view in front of the boat. With customizable warning options, a safety cone can be displayed on the plotter to indicate structures in plenty of time to avoid them.

Another great feature from Simrad is the inclusion of their GoFree cloud-enabled wireless technology on the full line of NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 displays. GoFree also gives Simrad users the option to tap their popular Insight Genesis, a crowd-sourced, cloud-based tool that will upload your own sonar maps. This data is processed into your own personal contour maps or you can choose to share data with other users and use their data too. Thus creating the most accurate, up to date charts of your fishing areas.

“With the addition of the GoFree cloud-enabled technology on our NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 displays, we have changed the face of electronic navigation,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “Boaters will be able to download charts and updates and upload sonar logs directly to the units on their boats. Boaters can get on their boats and go, confident that the charts and software they are using are the latest and most accurate versions, so they can make the most of their time on the water.”


Garmin has recently introduced its breakthrough Panoptix Sonar technology. Panoptix is a multi-beam transducer that utilizes a phased-array scanning sonar technology allowing the user to direct the beam of the sonar to see all around the boat. Two versions of their Panoptix transducers will be available, Forward and Down looking. The Forward Panoptix will allow fishermen to see bottom, structure and fish in front of the boat with a variety of viewing options. You can see fish actually swimming or your lure traveling through the water.

The Panoptix Down transducer allows users to see what is below the boat in any direction in real time. Also with a variety of proprietary views, anglers can map the bottom, watch fish move up and down or pinpoint the distance and direction to fish around the boat. The RealVu 3D feature even digitally scans the bottom below the boat from front to back and side to side, creating a true 3D view of all the targets below the boat.

“We believe Panoptix is going to revolutionize the way recreational fishermen use sonar technology,” said Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales. “Never before have fishermen had the ability to see all around their boat in real time. Available as a forward or down transducer, Garmin Panoptix is sonar like you’ve never seen it before.”


Since 1957, Lowrance has been helping anglers catch more fish with their cutting edge electronics. While the technology has changed drastically since then, the mission at Lowrance has not; to help fishermen catch more fish and get home safe. Lowrance has launched a new version of their modern multi-function displays and has reached a new pinnacle in user-friendly touch screen operation.

The new HDS Gen3 improves upon the user ability and processing technology of previous units and offers this fully functional unit in a 7, 9, and 12-inch screen. While the touch screen technology has been taken to the next level, the units now offer a fully functional keypad operation on the side. So no matter how rough it gets, you can easily control your options via the faster processors and instinctive, icon-driven commands.

The controls are modeled after a smart phone or tablet, so learning to navigate your unit comes naturally.

“Since 2008, anglers worldwide have relied on Lowrance HDS systems to make the most of their time on the water,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “Not only does HDS offer today’s most advanced fishfinder technologies, the collection of optional mapping solutions and performance modules cannot be surpassed by any fishfinder/chartplotter in the industry.”

The HDS Gen3 comes with Lowrance’s StructureScan and DownScan Imaging, which create picture-like images of structure and fish. Use the CHIRP Sonar for incredible target separation and noise rejection without the cost of giant transducers. The TrackBack feature makes it possible to scroll back and mark fish or structure that you ran over in the past and save it as a waypoint. This feature alone is a huge asset in finding and catching more fish.

Built-in wireless connectivity allows for easy software upgrades or interaction with Lowrance’s GoFree App. Plug and play with other Lowrance technologies such as SpotlightScan Sonar, Broadband Radar, SonicHub Marine Audio, Outboard Pilot and the recently released SmarSteer control for MotorGuide xi5 electric trolling motors. As you can see, Lowrance is still on the cutting edge.


With the introduction of the NavNet TZtouch, the first multi-touch navigation stystem in 2012, Furuno has been a leading force in the touch-screen revolution in modern marine electronics. Now Furuno has taken easy of use and speed of processing to a whole new level with their latest NavNet TZtouch2.

With more features and an easy to use interface, the TZtouch2 literally puts incredibly fast processing at your fingertips. An easy to relate icon driven menu system and new “Edge Swipe” motions make accessing the unit’s many functions a breeze. Customizing pages with drag and drop options will allow the user to tailor the TZtouch2 to fit your specific needs.

No more searching through menus, now your common commands are just a touch away.

New in this unit is the built in 56-channel GPS receiver, which eliminates the need for an external mounted antennae, though you still can connect one for redundancy. More savings can be realized because Furuno’s award winning fish finder technology is now built into the unit as well.

Another new sonar feature is the RezBoost feature. RezBoost is a revolutionary new way to process Furuno’s exclusive digital signal processing to create exact target resolution and separation without having to purchase and change your transducer. RezBoost brings the NavNet TZtouch2 on par with Furuno’s commercial-grade fish finders.

Of course the NavNet TZtouch2 will integrate with Furuno radars, TimeZero Cloud Data Service, Sirius WX, Fusion Marine Stereo, Cameras and much more. With a sleek, clean look, the new NavNet TZtouch 2 will be a welcome upgrade to older boats, or the great start to a new one.


FLIR and Raymarine have joined to bring users amazing capabilities on the water. Two new thermal cameras have been introduced by FLIR to make their industry-leading thermal imaging an incredible tool for boaters at night or in limited visibility. The M400 stabilized multi-sensor thermal camera and the Handheld Ocean Scout camera offer two versatile ways to help boaters stay safe.

The ability to see in total darkness or bad weather is a priceless asset.

Imagine an MOB situation where one could turn around and easily see the person in the water a plain as day. You can see in the dark, what more can you say.

Raymarine has developed three new versions of their fish finding sonar, the CP570 Professional CHIRP sonar, the CP470 and CP379. Each version brings new clarity to deep water images of fish and bait .

Koden Sitex

SI-TEX Marine Electronics has expanded its advanced chartplotter and chartplotter/echosounder line-up with the addition of two new models for 2015. With their advanced features and large, high-resolution color LCD displays, SI-TEXʼs new SVS-880 and SVS-1010 Series is designed to provide powerful navigation and fishfinding performance for a wide variety of vessels — from center consoles and sportfishing yachts to sailboats and power cruisers. SI-TEXʼs well-deserved reputation for affordability, easy operation and rugged reliability make these two machines ideal for light commercial vessels, as well.

Koden has also introduced the KDS-6000BB Digital Sonar, the world’s first searchlight sonar with true broadband technology.

New-for-2015, this unit is the first professional searchlight sonar that enables operators to fine-tune the output frequency from 130kHz to 210kHz in 0.1kH increments as easily as turning a knob. Its advanced performance and professional-grade features make the KDS-6000BB an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial fishing boats and high-end sportfishing yachts.

This nearly limitless flexibility in frequency selection provides several important advantages. It allows fishermen to “dial-in” the optimum frequency based on target species, water conditions and range. The flexible selection of frequencies also enables the user to avoid interference from sounders on other vessels — important when many boats are working in close proximity.

The system also includes six programmable Condition Memory (CM) keys that allow for instant recall of favorite settings. Koden’s newly developed Digital Signal Processing delivers a high-resolution presentation of forage and fish targets at closer ranges, while reducing display noise when operating at longer ranges. In addition, the KDS-6000BB offers significantly improved scanning speeds, with the addition of 15-degree and 20- degree scanning sector angle steps. As a result, the KDS-6000BB can detect and track even fast-moving schools of fish.

New Marine Electronics

So whether your building your dreamboat, or improving your trusty older one, now is a great time to be shopping for the latest and greatest in marine electronics. With so many great choices, good luck on picking your favorite one.