Gill OS2 Offshore Jacket

Some things in life you just can’t control — one of them being the weather. Don’t listen to the forecasters out there, they’ll only end up getting you in trouble. Your best bet is to always be prepared and never head out on the water without some quality foul-weather gear.

The Gill OS2 Offshore Jacket is a high-quality piece of foul-weather gear that will keep you protected during any storm at any time of year.

Gill is known for making durable, protective gear that will keep you dry and comfortable in even the worse conditions.

The OS2 is definitely one jacket that won’t let you down. Made from Gill’s two-layer, 100 percent waterproof fabric, the OS2 will not only keep you from getting soaked, but it’s also breathable so you won’t soak yourself with sweat either. It’s a soft-touch fabric that provides the breathability you’ll want for coastal and offshore use. If you don’t wear a breathable jacket, you’re going to get hot and sticky and that’s just as bad as getting soaked from the rain.

The jacket’s other features include fully taped seams for a waterproof seal, a rollaway hood and a high-cut collar to protect your face from driving spray. The cuffs are watertight so water won’t drip down your hands and soak your sleeves and the zippers are water-resistant and won’t rust. You can place your cell phone in the internal pocket to keep it dry and the large-capacity cargo pockets are perfect to safely stow other gear. The pockets are fleece-lined, a nice benefit for all you anglers who fish year-round.

For safety’s sake there is a life jacket attachment facility and the coat features high-vis reflective tape on it. To complete the foul-weather suit, Gill also offers the OS21 Offshore Trouser. These bibs offer the same functionality as the jacket and will keep your lower half dry and comfortable.

The jacket retails for $295 and the bibs go for $199. For more information, visit