In most places where fishing is a lifestyle, there tends to be a crossover into other water activities.  For many of us, surfing is that other activity, and we draw inspiration from both the surfing and fishing lifestyle in our everyday. Dragon, an eyewear brand that originated in the boardsports world similarly draws its design, ideology, and product development from a parallel way of thinking.  Originally the brand catered significantly to the endeavors in boardsports from surfing to snowboarding, and today they’ve adopted fishing under their umbrella of focus.

Recently, Dragon has launched a completely new category of eyewear dedicated to the fishing community, the Dragon Fishing Collection which is part of their XP Cross Performance line offering, as they put it they are:

“the tools to explore the extraordinary, conquer extreme circumstances, and embrace the most exhilarating adventures. The XP Collection provides optimal functionality with features that adjust to demanding outdoor conditions, creating a customized experience on water, land, or snow. These four new sun styles are designed for all-day comfort and clarity while out on the water, whether you are deep-sea, in-shore, or sunrise/sunset fishing”

While we’re familiar with several brands in the eyewear space that make great products for the fishing community, the level of attention to detail is not always there.  As a product review and introduction of Dragon into the BD Outdoors world, I can say we’ve been truly impressed on several levels:

THEY FLOAT!!, In my lifetime I can honestly say that I have paid a small fortune in sunglasses to the ocean.  While many have gone to using sunglass lanyards, they’re just not for me.  This simple attribute of having sunglasses that float is a tremendous selling point for myself.  All over the world bottom fish are bumming that they won’t be getting free shades to wear.

STYLE, Every coast has its own noticeable style. You can pick out a West Coast angler from an East Coast angler at a glance. Without getting into the weeds on style, the offerings from Dragon’s new fishing collection have something for everyone and thankfully some frames and colors that are in fact very West Coast. Out of the styles we’ve been able to get our hands on here at the BD office, we’ve definitely gravitated to the SHORE X LL POLAR. They have a subtle amount of wrap to block out sun intrusion from the sides, but it’s minimal enough not to look like we’re stepping onto the beach for a volleyball tournament.

LENSES, Dragon’s Fishing Collection is equipped with Lumalens which brings your world to life in high definition. “Intensely vivid colors. Razor-sharp clarity. Remarkable depth perception. In all environments and across the full spectrum of light conditions, this exclusive Dragon technology adds brilliant detail and dimension to your visual field. By filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while amplifying light that intensifies clarity, Lumalens empowers your vision, creating a vibrant, crystal-clear connection to the experience you seek.” 

BUILD, The last thing that I really appreciated about this collection was that they were built with an active lifestyle in mind.  I’ve had pairs of eyewear that worked great but were just not built with me in mind.  I’m rough on everything and need my gear to withstand those rigors of day-to-day life on the water.

At the end of the day, nothing’s going to make you a true believer until you try them on and see them for yourself.  I recommend checking this range of eyewear and think you’ll be a believer as well.

To learn about this sunglass click on SHORE X LL POLAR